Use this easy method with Excel to count the number of working days in a month, and how many working days is in 1 month?

There are 19-23 working days in a month.

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How many workdays in a month?

Nowadays people normally use the International System of Units to measure time in a day, which contains units like seconds, minutes, hours, weeks and months, etc., and it makes everything easier. So how many working days are in one month, or how many working days in a month?

let’s start with the basic unit week, it equals 7 days. In a week we have the weekdays (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) and the weekend (Saturday and Sunday). 

The working days can also be called weekdays or business days. So there are 5 week days in a week.

What is the average number of working days in a month?

Because of the different amount of days in each month, so the working days in each month is not the same while some months may have the same business days as some other month, but mot all of them have the same weekdays.

So there are mainly two ways of counting working days in a month: an average number or a precise number.

There are 30.4375 days on average in a month, and the number 30.4375 can be divided with 7 days because there are 7 days in a week. 30.4375 ➗ 7 = 4.348. So there are 4.348 weeks in a month, each week has 2 rest days in the weekend, so there are 8 rest days in 4.348 weeks.

Tips: Holidays can differ depending on the exact month and country or even states. In some months there are some holidays that we are able to take day or days off, for example with some memorable and national-wide holidays (different countries have different holidays to celebrate), we would step away from work and school to honor some traditions.

30.4375 days minus 8 rest days is 22.4375 days, so on average, there are 22.4375 working days in a month.

If you want to get an accurate amount of working days in a month, first decide on the year and month, for example how many working days in November 2022?

There are 30 days in November the year of 2022, and the 11 is Veterans Day (on the day most schools and businesses are closed), then the 24th (Thursday) is Thanksgiving day, it is a national holiday. The 25th (Friday) is Black Friday and it is a holiday in many states of the USA.

So 30 is divided by 7 and we get 4.285, which means there are 4.285 weeks and therefore 8 days on the weekend, 30 minus 8 is 22. 22 days minus the 3 holidays above and we can get 19 days. So there are 19 working days in November 2022.

How many business days in a month?

So, the conversion process is to count work days in 1 month:
Way No. 1:average number
· 1 month = 30.4375 days
· 1 week = 7 days
30.4375 d ➗ 7 d = 4.348 weeks
4.348 weeks = 8 rest days
30.4375 d – 8 d = 22.4375 days
There are 22.4375 days in a month on average.

(PS: day, days= d; week, weeks = w )

Way No. 2:November 2022
· 1 month = 30 days
· 1 week = 7 days
30 d ➗ 7 d = 4.285 weeks
4.285 w = 8 rest days
30 d – 8 d – 3 d = 19 days
There are 19 weekdays in November 2022.

(PS: 8 is rest days and 3 is holidays.)

Use the following video to learn how to calculate working days in every month, it is easy and so useful~

How many work days in each month – Video

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