How familiar are you with time unit conversion? Just try to solve this: how many seconds are in 2 hours?

In 2 hours there are 7,200 seconds.

Time Unit Conversion with Online calculator

Nowadays people use seconds, minutes, hours to measure time in a day, which makes everything easier. So how many seconds is 2 hours?

Everyone knows there are 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day. How many seconds are there in 2 hours? Let’s break it down.

. 1 hour = 60 minutes
. 1 minute = 60 seconds
2 hours = 60m x 60s x 2h = 7,200 seconds (PS: minute= m, second= s, hour= h, day= d)

2 hours = 7,200 seconds

More exercise: How many seconds are in 5 hours? 
. 1 hour = 3,600 seconds
. 5 hours = 3,600 x 5 = 18,000 seconds

How Many Seconds in 2 Hours – Video

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