This is how you should be counting rest days in a week, and apply it in your daily lives, so how many rest days is in 1 week?

1 week has 2 rest days.

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How many rest days in a week?

Nowadays people use International System of Units, which has seconds, minutes, hours and also weeks to measure time, and it has made everything easier. So how many rest days are in a week, or how many rest days do you need in 1 week?

A week is equal to 7 days, in the 7 days, there are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Sunday and Saturday together is a weekend, while other five days are weekdays or workdays, or is you prefer, business days.

So there are 2 rest days in a week according to common sense.

In most western countries, people think that there are 5 rest days in a week, and they are from Monday to Friday, which is the legal working days as well. In some Christian traditions, Sunday is regarded as the “Lord’s Day” and the day of rest and worship.

But in China, it is common for people, especially someone works for a huge company to work on rest days. And in Canada and some countris, the day Saturday is a normal school day.

How many rest days do we need in a week?

To most people, they stick to 2 rest days a week.

If you are a keen workout athlete or trying to workout, then how many rest days do you need in a week? I think it depends more on the purpose of your workout and how fast your body and muscle recover from the physical exercise.

So combine the 2 factors together, and you will get a more reasonable plan for rest and work.

For example, if you are trying to lose weight, it is a good idea to keep doing enough exercise everyone or regularly, while people wanting to keep fit and get bigger muscle should avoid exercise too often, hitting the gym 3 to 4 times a week should be enough.

And different muscle parts have different recovery speed, different people have different rate of metabolism. So make decisions wisely for yourself.

A week has how many rest days?

· 1 week = 7 days
· weekdays = 5 days
rest days in a week = 7 d - 5 d = 2 days 
rest days in a week = 2 days 

(PS: day, days= d; week, weeks = w )
There are 2 rest days in a week.

How many rest days do you need in a week when doing workout – Video

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