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Length System

Unit of length is used to measure how long it is from one point to another. There are the British Imperial units, US customary system and the metric unit. Metric system is the most commonly used unit.

Time Units

The units of time is globally used to measure duration basing on second (s). Each time unit has its own symbol and is connected to others.

CM to inches

This category aims for length units, ie. to convert CM to inches. Cm and inches are units in International System of Units.

[calc unit='length' num='1' from ='cm' to='in']

You can find detailed equations and videos to help with conversion.


Inches to feet

Use the height converter and tools to easily convert inches to feet and inch to ft.

[calc unit='length' num='1' from ='in' to='ft']

See below for more height conversions.

MM to inches

This category is only for methods and tools to convert mm to inches or millimeters to inches.

[calc unit='length' num='1' from ='mm' to='in']

Meters to feet

This category aims to offer different ways for m to ft and to convert meters to feet.

[calc unit='length' num='1' from ='m' to='ft']

Find more answers from the following m-to-feet conversions.

Inches to cm

Find more about ways to convert inches to cm, or inches to centimeters, like how tall is 1 inch to cm.

[calc unit='length' num='1' from ='in' to='cm']

Scroll down for more with height-in-cm.

Feet to inches

The feet-inch category specializes in converting ft to inches, for example, what is 1 feet in inches.

[calc unit='length' num='1' from ='ft' to='in']

Get more solutions for feet to inches below.

Seconds to Minutes

This category focuses on conversions and solutions to convert seconds to minutes.

[calc unit='time' num='1' from ='s' to='min']

Use the minutes-to-seconds converter and articles for help.

Kilometers to miles

This category concentrates on ways to convert kilometers to miles, with video and solutions.

[calc unit='length' num='1' from ='km' to='mi']

See more below to convert km to miles.


Weeks to days

This week-days category focuses on answers and conversions to weeks to days.

[calc unit='time' num='1' from ='week' to='d']

See details solutions below for weeks to day.

Minutes to seconds

Here is a category for conversions from minutes to seconds, with videos and tools.

[calc unit='time' num='1' from ='min' to='s']

Read more below to convert minutes to seconds.

Yards to feet

Here are ways and online tools to convert yards to feet, for example, how many feet in a yard.

[calc unit='length' num='1' from ='yd' to='ft']

Find more about 1 yard to feet conversions.

Hours to days

Here is a hours-to-days converter for time units like hour and days.

[calc unit='time' num='1' from ='h' to='d']

Find more about ways to convert hrs to days.

Hours to seconds

Use the hours-to-seconds conversion for units of time, like how much is 1 hour in seconds.

[calc unit='time' num='1' from ='hr' to='s']

Read more to get answers to hr to seconds.

Feet to CM

This ft-to-cm category focuses on different conversions to convert feet to cm, like, how much is 1 feet in cm and how many is feet to centimeters.

[calc unit='length' num='1' from ='ft' to='cm']

Find more answers below.

Months to days

This category is mainly for time units, like months and days, use the tools and methods to convert months to days.

[calc unit='time' num='1' from ='month' to='d']

Years to seconds

This category is to convert years to seconds, like, how many second in a year.

[calc unit='time' num='1' from ='year' to='s']

Get the answers for seconds in a year below.

CM to feet

This category is rich in height conversion for cm to feet, like how many foot in cm.

[calc unit='length' num='1' from ='cm' to='ft']

Use the tool and posts to convert centimeters to feet.

Meters to miles

Use the meters-to-miles conversions with an online tool to convert m to miles.

[calc unit='length' num='1' from ='m' to='mi']

Find the answer you want for m to mi.

CM to MM

Here are various ways to convert cm to mm, like how much is 1 cm to mm.

[calc unit='length' num='1' from ='cm' to='mm']

Get more info here for centimeters to millimeters.

Mass & Weight

Here you can find answers and the difference between mass and weight with videos and converter.

Miles to feet

Refer to all the miles to feet conversions with the right answers and online tools to convert mile to feet.

[calc unit='length' num='1' from ='mi' to='ft']

Unit of Volume

Volume is a 3-dimensional measurement used for capacity, volume and the extend of a specific object or space. It is commonly applied to measure liquid and goods in bulk.

Days to seconds

The category is mainly about ways and conversions for days to seconds or to convert day to sec.

[calc unit='time' num='1' from ='d' to='s']

Miles to kilometers

This category concentrates on conversions for miles to kilometers, use the miles to km converter for help.

[calc unit='length' num='1' from ='mi' to='km']

Seconds to years

This is for converting seconds into years with online time converter, second and year are units of time.

[calc unit='time' num='1' from ='week' to='d']

Years to days

This is a collection of conversions for years to days, like how many days in a year.

[calc unit='time' num='1' from ='year' to='d']

See below for more answers to years to days.

Meters to inches

The category is for meters-to-inches conversions, like 1 meter to inches and m-in height.

[calc unit='length' num='1' from ='m' to='in']

Convert m to inches below with the online tool.